Festival Owner John Wall Shares Vinyl Collection Secrets From 20K Stash

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Festival Owner John Wall Shares Vinyl Collection Secrets From 20K Stash

Fuzzy festival director John Wall, who is responsible for holding Australia wide festivals + parties Parklife, Field Day and his latest event Listen Out has delved deep into his vinyl collection to provide us insight into what has played a role in his influence for electronic / awesome music.

Geared with ten questions, we asked the main man in the lead up to his Strictly Vinyl set alongside Touch Sensitive (Future Classic) and Ariane the following ‘tings mun:

SR: How many records do you have in your collection?
JW: About 20,000

SR: Oldest record in your collection?
JW: The first record I bought: Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells (1973)

SR: Newest record in your collection?
JW: I got sent the new Chet Faker album on Vinyl

SR: Most expensive record in your collection?
JW: No idea – I’ve never bought anything for big bucks, and I haven’t tried to sell any of the aware ones

SR: Which record would you NEVER sell?
JW: All of them, until the day comes when I know I can easily get a good quality copy of the song online or whatever

SR: What’s the sexiest cover in the collection?
JW: Any with this person on it: Formative…. (Blondie)


SR: Best hidden gem you never knew you had?
JW: Never thought much about the Francois K dance mix of the Smiths’ This Charming Man til I heard that Morrissey hated dance music and insisted it be withdrawn

SR: Where do you buy your records from?
JW: The last time I bought a record was from Mark Murphy at Spank, I guess about 5 years ago

SR: What’s your fave store in Sydney?
JW: Title in Surry Hills is the only actual record store I ever go to

SR: What’s on your slip matts at home?
JW: Old Fuzzy logos from the early 2000s.

Get along to UNDR CTRL this Sunday w/ John Wall, Touch Sensitive and Ariane from 9:00pm till late, deets here


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