Falcon Punch and Roller Radio – And You

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Falcon Punch and Roller Radio – And You

You know the feeling when you put on your really used, beat up baseball glove or a worn in soccer cleat? Every time you put it on, it feels like a new sensation. You feel a different sort of comfort and a new sensation every time.

That’s the sort of natural, spine tingling feeling that can happen when old music gets a modern treatment. And that’s what Falcon Punch and Roller Radio do best.

This time, the duo takes the obscure 1983 funk heater " target="_blank">“Feels So Good” by Zebrass, pick up the pace, toss in a thick bass, and make the formerly subtle guitar shine. It’s a constant, lazy groove, and an instant summer joint.

Even though it may be old, it still feels so new:

The remix from Daniel T. of Cosmic Kids clubs it up a bit:


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