Anklepants Turkey Slaps Us With A Mutant Bass Instant Classic

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Anklepants Turkey Slaps Us With A Mutant Bass Instant Classic

Aussie expat and scrotum dildo face extrodinaire Anklepants has turkey slapped us with an incredible radio edit, Re-Facéé of his strangely catchy single “Speek You Little” that has got us all putting people into baby strollers. Did that opening sentence make sense? Well if it didn’t, it will shortly with the anti-pop superstar who made a surprising appearance on Boiler Room making music that’s both perplexing yet dance floor arousing.

‘Speak You Little’ is a blend of hard German techno and conceptual pop. A far cry from his past career in animatronics creating prosthetics and robotics for blockbuster films such as ‘Star Wars: Episode 3’, ‘X-Men: Origins’ & ‘Where The Wild Things Are’. If you are seriously loving his weirdness, then it won’t take you long to touch his 12 Inch (if you know what I mean) which comes with another track dubbed – Fucking the ‘Wild’ out now on Love Love Records.

Get weird with Anklepants and a free download of his radio edit below! (Isn’t it all our lucky day!)

12″ Vinyl Single (LOVWAX02)
Anklepants – Speek You Little Re-facéé
Anklepants – Fucking the ‘Wild’


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