TÂCHES & Sonder release “Noir”

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TÂCHES & Sonder release “Noir”

After the release of some heavy hitting tunes lately, namely, Malindi, TÂCHES is back with the goods, for real though. This time round, he is joined by a South African fella under the name, Sonder, or Ashton Fox. Over the last two years he released an electro EP and mini album achieving a beat port top 50, before deciding to try and find himself musically. Experimenting with different genres, Ashton began to fall in love with melody again and in 2014 decided to turn over a new leaf with, Sonder.
One cannot quite pin-point TÂCHES sound, but perhaps that’s his greatest asset. Few and far between producers have a knack for balancing soft sounding melodies with a certain…Film Noir aesthetic. The brooding build up at the beginning is as good as listening to wet, gooey paint dangling from the sky, and conjures up images of it splattering in perfect spheres as the beat at 1.22 kicks in. Perfectly put, “the sense of taste in TÂCHES and Sonder’s musical abilities can be directly correlated to their consumption of food whilst moving through the creative process as to prevent the track from sticking to the pan of creativity. Through late hours and a variety of cuisines, TÂCHES and Sonder created a musical menu that will please a wide variety of palates.




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