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Running on the success of their first two singles “Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues” and  “Paranoia, Ghosts and Other Sounds” that Alison Wonderland Warehouse Project support Young Franco recently remixed, Canberra based three piece SAFIA dropped in to talk everything from Lorde tour cancellations too a potential album with vocalist Ben Woolner-Kirkham.

Can you describe your last years rise in the Australian electronic music scene?
It’s been a very healthy rise for us I think. Everything has been gradual, which I think has been really beneficial for us as we have been able to grow as a band as we go along, rather than being thrown in the deep end straight away.

How are you guys preparing for your support of the Lorde tour?
We’re not now, as Lorde had to postpone the due to illness. We hope Ella gets well soon though and hopefully we can hit the road with her again later this year.

What is the story behind your latest song ‘Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds’?
Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds is a concept that basically explores the goings on in a paranoid & insane mind. Everything from the production to the lyrics and melody is meant to be slightly off putting and creepy, while still being a cute pop song at the same time. I think if people watch the film clip for the song they will understand the concept a lot more.

After releasing your second single, do you have a clear idea on the direction you want to take?
Music is always changing and so is our writing. I think we have found a way of writing music that maintains our style but allows us to move around different styles quite freely. I think the one thing people can expect from us is that we won’t release the same song twice.

Like Flight Facilities, you guys seem to be developing the golden touch of releasing music little by little but leaving people wanting more. Will this be your strategy, or is there any album talks?
No album talks atm but we would love to do an album, we’re always writing and stacking up the songs so when it is album time we will have plenty of stuff to work with. I think we are still playing it by ear but I do know our next release will also be a single so for now, yes we will be continuing with the same strategy. Hopefully it works a third time haha ☺

Are there any collaborations or Safia remixes in the works?
You might be hearing my voice pop up on a couple songs for other artists in the near future (not sure if I’m allowed to say who atm haha), but apart from that I think that’s it for now.

The rumour is out! Peking Duk played it at Groovin The Moo

For people who haven’t seen your show, could you describe it?
People can expect an actual live show with drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals, synths, sampler’s and more. People sometimes get us confused and think we’re just producers who play with Ableton and an Akai APC40 so they get a big surprise when they find out were a band. People seem to also think the vocals for Listen To Soul, Listen To Blues are just a sample so they get a big shock when they see a nerdy white guy like myself up on stage singing them haha.

How does it feel to have your first Australian headline tour?
It’s super exciting and also super nerve racking. We’ve been the support band for so long but now it’s completely on us to get people through the door, which is scary but also exciting at the same time.

Can you give us any insight into the next single coming?
I think the next single coming is a really nice blend of everything we’ve done so far, that being said it is still very different to the last two singles as well.

My biggest musical influence has been…
It’s hard to say we always have a super open mind when it comes to music. We listen to everything from world music to metal, jazz, roots & dance to name a few. We all come from rock & roll backgrounds, as we are all actually guitarists. I think we take the best parts of every type of music and some how morph it into our own little concoction of electro-soul-pop or whatever you want to call it haha.

My guilty music pleasure is…
Hmmmm, at the moment my guilty music pleasure would have to be the Ed Sheeren track I See Fire (especially the Kygo remix) because it was the theme song for the latest Hobbit movie, which I loved and also because it reminds me of a very loose New Years Eve we had this year haha.

The first ever CD I bought was…
First time I went CD shopping to get my first ever CD I actually got three. I got ‘The Eminem Show’ by Eminem, The Cat Empire’s self titled album & Sunrise Over Sea by The John Butler Trio

When we get to make music, we eat and drink loads of…
Cheese & Crackers and a lot of Red Wine

Kicking their national tour off on the 24th of May, tickets are available below!

SAFIA – “Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds” Tour 2014
SAT 24/05 – Transit Bar – Canberra, ACT: Tickets
FRI 30/05 – The Beach Hotel – Byron Bay, NSW
SAT 31/05 – Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane, QLD: Tickets
THU 05/06 – DK Pool Club @ CSU – Bathurst, NSW
FRI 06/06 – Shebeen – Melbourne, VIC: Tickets
SAT 14/06 – Spectrum – Sydney, NSW: Tickets
SUN 15/06 – RAD – Wollongong, NSW: Tickets
FRI 20/06 – Mojo’s Bar – Fremantle, WA: Tickets
SAT 21/06 – Pirie & Co Social Club – Adelaide, SA: Tickets
SAT 28/06 – River Sessions – Mackay, QLD: Tickets


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