Ryan Hemsworth’s Free Music Initiative ‘Secret Songs’ Drops its First Release

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Ryan Hemsworth’s Free Music Initiative ‘Secret Songs’ Drops its First Release

Good guy Ryan Hemsworth announced a new passion project last week where he’ll personally curate and drop a free exclusive of new music every two weeks from ‘consistently great’ producers and artists that he believes in. Calling it ‘Secret Sounds’ the Canadian producer  has officially started walking the walk dropping  the first release from Alberta young gun Tennyson on the not-so-secret Soundcloud page.

“this is the ideal way to start off Secret Songs. for a few reasons: Tennyson is a kid from Edmonton, Alberta where nothing like this type of music happens; I couldn’t tell you which genre he falls under; and the damn song is called ‘You’re Cute’. i hope everyone falls in love with this kid like i have. download, listen to it while you’re taking a bath, and share with all your friends.”

A fast growing favourite online Tennyson’s sound below on “You’re Cute” and in his other work show’s off elements that would definitely catch the attention of the likes of Hemsworth. With it’s slow burning theme building into a swinging anthem the seventeen year old flexes a strong musicianship as he glides through synth lines with joyful ease. Ironically enough the two producers are actually featured one after the other in a guest producers to watch piece‘ we released last year, talk about kindred spirits!

Keep your eyes peeled on our MP3 section for future Secret Songs Releases.


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