Obsessed with ANDRU #getfamiliar

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Obsessed with ANDRU #getfamiliar

ANDRU came across my cyber-radar recently with his version of Say My Name by Destiny’s Child, “Say,” (I’m a total sucker for 90’s do-overs), and I have been raping his Soundcloud ever since. Verging on an addict, this is my public A.A (Andru Annonymous) confession. The humble hombre has invested close to nothing on marketing, meaning his follower and play count actually¬†do¬†speak numbers. I got to ask the 19-year-old from Montreal some short questions I was keen on finding out about myself.

S.R: Whats the funniest social media fan-mail you’ve ever received?
A: Funniest – one time I tweeted that I was broken hearted and this girl wrote me this nice long paragraph to about how I’m gonna get through it and tried to cheer me up. It was super awesome haha. Not funny but yeah. The best though – is whenever I get a mail from some unknown YouTube channel saying that they like my music so “please send us a zip of all your unreleased music. We will not accept tracks without artwork…blablabla” and they start demanding shit even though they have no credentials.

S.R: Where do you begin when you approach a track?
A: Ummm I begin wherever. I don’t have a formula. Sometimes I recycle projects which is why some tracks sound similar. I’ll never recycle a project more than once.

S.R: Favourite producers at the moment?
A: Favorite artist(s) are Andrea, Bear//Face, Carmack, Stwo

S.R: Where would you love to play live?
A: I’d love to play anywhere really, as long as people aren’t fucked up on drugs and actually like my music.


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