Girl Talk talks to girls in “Ask a grown man”

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Girl Talk talks to girls in “Ask a grown man”

In a move which probably couldn’t been foreseen by anyone…ever…’Girl Talk’ aka. Greg Gillis has offered his manly wisdom by being a part of Rookie Mag’s recurring advice series, “Ask a grown man”.

OK, to be completely honest, I definitely expected to laugh my way through this video. It might seem harsh but c’mon, what was he going to say? Judging from his last video Tolerated (a Tarantino-esque gangster bloodbath – view here), I was expecting him to be all like “just fuckn’ rip some arms off n’ go play B-ball girl”.

What instead happens is something pretty amazing. Gillis talks candidly to young women, answering questions sent in which span all topics from being perceived as judgemental in friendship groups, trying to workout romantic relationships, social media and mental issues such as depression and eating disorders. The best response was to a girl who wanted to know if she should tell her boyfriend about her struggle with anorexia;

“…you don’t know the relationship that he’s had with those things. Whether it’s been himself or someone he was close so it’s a tough question to answer but in general if it’s someone you are comfortable with you should be able to talk to them about these issues’.

I could totally take the piss at this point, but it’s actually too bloody cute. It’s pretty refreshing to see someone from the industry talk honestly and understand issues relating to the youths of today – it’s pretty bizarre, but definitely something we’re not opposed to seeing more of. Noice work Rookie Mag and Greggy.

What question would you ask GT?

[via Pitchfork]


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