Flume; “New album is very much underway”

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Flume; “New album is very much underway”

Good ol’ Facebook, there’s no other newsfeed quite as informative out there, just quite like it. This morning’s juicy feed presented us with, Flume, aka Harley Streten, ever so casually updating his status saying, “New album is very much underway.”  *Pause for reaction*

His most recent remix of Lorde’s, “Tennis Court,” cast light on his ability to hit the nail on the head and produce the most perfect, and commercially viable sound. However, reservations arise as to whether or not in this new album, he will retain his authentic, “Flume,” mojo and integrity. Recently, he told The Guardian, “I know how to make a record that commercial radio or triple J will smash now,” and further commented in an interview with 303 Magazine saying, “I feel like some artists want to be successful, but want to put a cap on it to remain cool. I think that’s dumb. The best artists are the ones like Arcade Fire, who still write music the way they want to and don’t change their sound for anyone. And they are still massively popular. So, I’m down for mainstream radio playing my music, so long as I can make whatever kind of music I want. If 10 people listen to my music or 10,000 people listen to my music, I don’t care,” and ironically finishes it off with, “but I’m not going to change the kind of music I make to accomplish that.”

The second most exciting part about this album will be who he collaborates with. Let’s be honest, with almost 4 millions plays on his Lorde Remix, no smart producer is going to say no to Flume. We have suspicions based on the odd comment he has dropped in the past, “Tensnake and Djemba Djemba are both really great. I feel like there’s a lot of great talent coming up on SoundCloud right now. Ta-ku from Perth. I’m a huge fan of his. There are a lot of great artists on my label, Future Classic, that I like. Wave Racer, Charles Murdoch, Hayden James, Touch Sensitive…there is a whole lot of fresh talent coming out of Future Classic.”

With 7,197 likes and 111 shares on this status update in 2 hours and counting, we’re not the only ones who are anxiously awaiting the next Flume status update…


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