‘Dubstep’ Joins ‘Facepalm’ in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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‘Dubstep’ Joins ‘Facepalm’ in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

You know you’re on a fast-track to dystopia when the word ‘dubstep’ has been added to the dictionary, as it has for this year’s Merriam-Webster edition that copped a refresh adding its fair share of cool and hip words.

As it stands, the Merriam-Webster dictionary remains America’s leading and most-trusted provider of the English-language, so we’re not sure how or why dubstep made it in, but either way we’re going to to have to agree with them that it’s something along the lines of “a type of electronic dance music having prominent basslines and syncopated drum patterns.” – could that be any/most genres of dance music?

The heavier bass side of things wasn’t the only musical term to be added with “auto-tune” also getting the nod (from T-Pain as well)  along with tween words “selfie,” “hashtag,” “tweep” and “spoiler alert” – the latter of which is explained easily by skimming your Facebook feed after a new episode of Game of Thrones.

We’re wondering what Skrillex makes of it and if there’s the possibility of other genres to make the leap into next year’s Collegiate edition. Until then… here’s Skreams 2007 Essential mix for a more refined side of dubstep.


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