Art Department’s Beef With Aoki, Laidback Luke, Van Doorn Backfires

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Art Department’s Beef With Aoki, Laidback Luke, Van Doorn Backfires

After Steve Aoki, Sander Van Doorn and Laidback Luke were all caught playing with their knobs and raising their hands in a candid one minute 30 second video that showed them not really doing much of anything, they received direct criticism from house lovers Art Department with the pair offering up some rather heavy and acidy feedback;

‘ok i know we’re a bit late on this one and it’s already made the rounds but something has to be said.. by us. All three of these douchebags need to stop calling what they do “dj’ing” because its an insult to the rest of us who treat this profession with respect and spend our lives hunting for great music and perfecting our craft. We only recognize which one Steve Aoki is out of this lot but him and the other two jerkoffs who look like the knobs they’re pretending to work can all lick their own vaginas. You’re fucking embarrassing yourselves for a paycheque that coudn’t possibly cover the cost of your dignity. How does that feel you fucking posers??’

Well now, here is a ┬ácounter attack in the form of a ‘What DJs Do These Days Part 2’ featuring Art Department not really doing a whole lot of anything with one half throttling one knob like they he’s about to blast off in a rocket and swigging a chunky bottle of Jack while the other smashes the cue button and tries to mix a track in.

Art Department took it in their stride even posting the video to their Facebook and thanked the creator for taking the time out to edit it together. Those that watched the video all the way through will also notice a cheeky word from the uploader telling people “See, we all have our moments” – spot on!

The moral of the story still remains, sets go longer than one quarter of a songs video footage and at the end of the day DJs are curators, not performers. Lets keep it that way!


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