Watch: Classixx Share A Twisted Young Love Story In ‘A Stranger Love’

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Watch: Classixx Share A Twisted Young Love Story In ‘A Stranger Love’

If you’re unfamiliar with Classixx by now (#thingsyoushouldntadmit), let me introduce you –  team players Michael David and Tyler Blake are the L.A based electronic duo formerly known as, “Young Americans.” Far from being the new kids on the remixing block, check out ‘Santa Domino’ remix EP, their stuff sounds like Simon, Garfunkel and Kraftwork gave birth to one legendary baby – apologies North West!

Last year Classixx released the album, “Hanging Gardens.” The single “A Stranger Love,” featuring the sweet vocals of Sarah Chernoff, is reminiscent of Say Lou Lou and Blondie. This week, the ethereal tune is matched by an even greater black and white video produced by The American Standard Film Co, commenting on young lust. The story tells of a young girl and boy aimlessly and recklessly moving through the streets and supermarkets of L.A, seemingly high on Kwik-E-Mart squishys, and ends in with a sombre black fog as the girls illness is revealed. I seriously recommend you check it out!

A perfect time for the clips release leading up to their set at Coachella next week. Whilst you’re on the Classixx interwebz train, be sure to check out that time they supported Zedd earlier this year and his fans had trouble comprehending why.

Both track and clip take you elsewhere, to a stranger time, a time of Stranger Love. Enjoy!


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