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The last week of April will see Amsterdam based producer GANZ landing in our fine country as a part of his Australia/New Zealand tour. It’s been an incredibly busy few months for the flying Dutchman, his Flume/Hermitude flip is nearing a quarter of a million soundcloud plays and his flip of RL Grime and What So Not’s track ‘Tell Me’ is shaping up to be just as big. You can grab Ganz’s Flip of ‘Tell Me’ from the link at the bottom of the article.

We thought it would be cool to catch up with him to chat about the year just gone, the year ahead, originals, flips, remixes and collaborations. Make sure to catch GANZ at one of his four Australian shows.

GANZ Australian Tour Dates
Thursday April 24 – The Operatives – Revolt Art Space, Melbourne
Friday April 25 – Hardstraylia – Ivy Courtyard, Sydney
Saturday April 26 – Chinese Whispers, Brisbane
Friday May 2 – Get Weird – Gilkinsons, Perth

SR: It’s been just over a year since we started hearing your music, what kept you busy before GANZ and how did GANZ come to be?

G: Before GANZ I produced some other genres for several years, like Hip Hop, Dubstep and Elektro. The last genre I produced was Dubstep and I was getting bored of the whole sound and wanted to do some new stuff I liked very much. During sets I played like 60% Dubstep and the other 40% was like beats, trap and hip hop. I wanted to do some more hip hop stuff because I’d liked it the most and because I started with that genre too.

SR: Your flip of Flume’s remix of Hyperparadise is going crazy at the moment, when did you first hear music from guys like Flume and Hermitude.

G: I checked Flume’s stuff since his “Sleepless” EP. From that moment I started following him. Since his remix of “Hyperparadise” I became familiar with Hermitudes stuff too.

SR: What’s the deal with the flip?

G: I was thinking about taking a risk and doing a flip of the remix he (Flume) did for Hermitude, which was already so good. It was just more for fun because I know nobody could take it to a higher and better level than he did. So I dropped the teaser online to see the peoples thoughts and they were freaking out so I decided to put it online as freebie. The best part was that Flume just dropped a comment on a post I did on my Facebook page that he liked it.

SR: You’re obviously familiar with What So Not being that you have recently flipped their collaboration with R.L Grime. Which other Australian artists are you digging at the moment?

G: I play Wave Racer and Como’s Midnights stuff for a while now but also love listening to guys like Chet Faker and Matt Corby.

SR: There doesn’t seem to be much collaboration going on with GANZ at this point, do you prefer to work solo? And is there anyone you would like to work with whilst your in Australia?

G: Well I like to work with other people, but I want to finish some of my own projects first before collaborating with too many other dudes. I hate it when stuff gets delayed because of being too busy working on projects with other dudes. But if I really love to work with some dudes, I’ll try to make some time though. When I’m in Australia I’d love to work with Flume, WSN, Lorde, Matt Corby and Chet Faker.

SR: Were getting a ton of great music coming from the HW&W crew, how did that relationship start and which artists do you bro down with the most?

G: I was working on some new tunes and hw&w was one of the labels I wanted to drop some GANZ stuff on so I contacted Bahwee and he asked me if I wanted to do an EP. It should of been done a few months ago but it got delayed and wanted to add more tracks to it so I took a bit more time to finish. I think I bro down the most with Mike Gao. I met him just after one of the first drafts I uploaded to my soundcloud and since that moment I speak to him a lot.

SR: Your remix of Louis Futon – Shoulda Known is real nice, are there many more official remixes in the works?

G: I just finished two remixes for Hamertje Tik and Pat Lok. The first one hasn’t been released yet but the second is. I also finished a new remix for 813, which will drop in a few months too. I’d like to remix but sometimes you have to finish your own stuff first because sometimes I had to tell people I couldn’t do some because of a busy schedule etc.

SR: Obviously hip-hop has hugely influenced your sound, which other genre’s do you take inspiration from when making music?

G: I listen to a lot of music so a lot of genres influence me like r&b, maximalism, soul, jazz, folk and classical music with big orchestras and stuff.

SR: Was there a standout show during 2013? If so where and what made it the one?

G: I think XO Live in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It was my first festival gig as GANZ and the crowd was nice, the weather was perfect but the alcohol knocked me out for about 5 hours because I didn’t eat that much that day and it was too hot LOL!

SR: Will next month be your first trip to Australia? What is it that your most looking forward to doing or seeing?

G: Yes! I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. I’ve heard too many good stories and I met a lot cool Australian people when I went on a holiday with my family at the Moluccas and also I went to Bali 3 years ago. I’m looking forward to every gig because I don’t know what to expect so everyday is like one big surprise.

SR: What does the rest of 2014 have in store for GANZ, after your Australian tour what’s next? Are you hoping to continue playing shows, get back home and start making more beats or a bit of both?

G: Definitely a bit of both! I think I have to take some rest the first two or three days when I get home, but after those days I’m going to work on new stuff and finish other projects I’m working on because I want to play a lot new unreleased stuff this summer.


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