eekkoo – Towers

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eekkoo – Towers

War is a game of modern technology and traditional tactics.  Back and forth we play with history, pushing and pulling at the strings.  A careful combination of human strategy and electronic ammunition, the musical landscape follows suit.  The field is littered with half hearted careers and unfinished productions vying for a place in the (sound) clouds, but today, mau5trap’s newest gladiator stands alone.

Employing an arsenal of analog instruments, eekkoo‘s war machine, ‘Towers,’ breathes new life into the tremors of battle.  A pulsating mechanical worm of arpeggiated synth and bass twists amidst a clouded haze of threatening pads.  The afflicting single descends into gut wrenching tremors that soon engulf the listener, forcing itself upon your taste, disposition, and allegiance.   Stockholm Syndrome or not, you’ll find yourself longing for just one more listen.

Ready your ears for the inevitable clash with an iTunes preorder.  ‘Towers’ is available April 14th.  Will you be?


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