‘DJ’ Paris Hilton Doesn’t Know Who A-Trak Is

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‘DJ’ Paris Hilton Doesn’t Know Who A-Trak Is

Paris Hilton has once again managed to make a complete fool of herself on social media over the past weekend, posting a photo to her instagram with her and Duck Sauce member Armand Van Helden at Coachella, this would be fine aside from the fact she blatantly captioned and tagged the photo suggesting him to be none other than Van Helden’s counterpart and second half of Duck Sauce, Atrak

It wouldn’t be the first time she’s neglected to think a little before posting something on the internet; you might remember her cringeworthy tribute to Nelson Mandela from a few months back, something she later claimed to be a hoax but given her track record of publicised idiocy, the idea of her posting the tweet herself doesn’t seem too far fetched.

We find it a little disturbing (although not overly surprising) that someone who was recently listed as one as one of the top five paid dj’s in the world could be so painfully oblivious as to who Atrak is, someone a lot of people would consider a veteran of all things DJ and dance music related.

Paris took down the photo not long after A-Trak posted a tongue in cheek comment on the picture poking fun at the mix up, perhaps in the hopes that not many of her 2.4 million followers had noticed the awkward post, almost more awkward than her Nelson Mandela mix up earlier in the year.

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source: Do Androids Dance


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