Watch: Four Tet drops the Bollywood jams in SXSW Boiler Room set

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Watch: Four Tet drops the Bollywood jams in SXSW Boiler Room set

We’ve often found these days that nothing spells ‘rave’ like three solid minutes of Bollywood delight. Luckily, Four Tet shares our penchant for the great music (so does Deadmau5, but that’s another story), and he shared this by pumping a solid four minutes of Indian party music to kick off his SXSW Boiler Room set.

With the Boiler Room cementing itself as the perfect place for an artist to playplay, the Tet-a-Tet takes heed and plays with a pastiche of styles to the Austin crowd. Slightly confusing some of the crowd – notably those at the barrier, who apparently don’t know whether to gurn or bop – the rest of his hour long set is techno and house heavy.

Dropping in his recent collaboration with Terror Danjah as well as some vintage vibes, it goes on the pile of solid Boiler Room mixes of late (just take this Hermitude mash – elongated choon). Anywhoo – it’s a bloody ripper of a time and gives us even more SXSW FOMO (and pre-emptive Ultra FOMO) so please excuse us while we cry salty tears into our MacBooks now.

While we’re doing that, check the full video out below:

[via FACT]


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