¡TechnoTaco! Richie Hawtin and Dubfire get saucy in a Taqueria

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¡TechnoTaco! Richie Hawtin and Dubfire get saucy in a Taqueria


Potentially amalgamating our favourite things in the entire world (we just wanna listen to music and eat relli), tasty documentation from Red Bull has recently surfaced from January’s BPM festival of Richie Hawtin and Dubfire casually blasting beats within a local taqueria.

Famous for it’s tequila-shot distribution and saucy-ass tacos, the Taquería el Sabrocito Del Fogón of Playa del Carmen was the venue for those cheeky chicos to do what they do best. Apparently a long favourite of BPM artists to refuel with some hearty Mexican fare, Dubfire and Hawtin stated that it had been a dream to play there.

After already playing two intensely lengthy sets as part of Hawtin’s ‘ENTER’ project for the festival, they naturally they smashed a few tacos mid-set (it would be rude not to really). Was it the secret to them bringing extra spice to the set, we cant be sure, but it looks like one helluva fiesta.

Drawing literally a whole block of early evening party people who rave about tacos (ey!), it looks like we’re not alone in wanting to bring together our love of food and music. We definitely think it’s a trend worth spreading through the field.

Imagine, maybe Wave Racer could play out of an Oporto? Or Flume could smash a few tunes AND a $10 steak from the local?


(…and if you’re not too hungry check out the video below.)




(via EDMTunes)


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