Did Madeon Just Accuse Nicky Romero of Using a Ghost Producer?

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Did Madeon Just Accuse Nicky Romero of Using a Ghost Producer?


Young French up-start Madeon, who gave away a free track last week by cracking a code and also plans on an album release sometime this year may have just landed a heavy blow on global DJ and maybe producer Nicky Romero after he tweeted some sound soundly advice on Twitter.

The row was conceived after Nicky tweeted he was against against ‘rich dads’ investing up to $100K in studio equipment for their would be producer sons or daughters and expecting greatness instead advising that a little bit of dedication goes a long way.

A real frown-turner dropped when Madeon piped in with his own 2c instead offering his advice that people would be better off investing that money into a hard working ghost producer to write the tunes instead. Hi-oh!

Now we’re not sure if his comment was aimed specifically at Nicky Romero, who has been accused of using them or if it was just tip on a wiser investment. We kind of get the feeling it was a doubled pronged attack and meant both as one of Nickys tweets asking Madeon just what he meant has since been deleted.

We wouldn’t be surprised if some big shot names are oblivious to the fact that most of their music is written by others but feel that their 10% contribution is enough to claim it as their own.

One to follow for the day.


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