Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom – Traces [Bromance]

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Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom – Traces [Bromance]

Brodinski’s Bromance Records have pulled together two seemingly-unrelated producers on this one – the house and techno vibes of imprint mainstay Louisahhh!!! and the left-field Zone alumni of Maelstrom. For the label’s 15th outing they push through a glistening techno soundscape on both tunes ‘Night Clubbing’ and ‘Rough & Tender’, to create the perfect snapshot of the kind of music Bromance is all about: the ‘Traces’ EP is steamy, dark techno that’s utterly intoxicating.

The pair actually visited Australia for a recent double-headline gig that led to comments regarding the newly sanctioned New South Wales lock out laws and ultimately some bad ass thoughts;

If people are forced to fight to do what they love, seek out something a little bit illegal or dangerous or grimey, to go underground where they can party lawlessly and get good and weird, it can actually be a bolt of electricity to a scene that is possibly homogonized or flavored vanilla by the mainstream.  The rave must go on.

Get it nowwww or jump into Bromance Records first ever compilation featuring both Louisahhh and Maelstrom as well as Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Club Cheval and more.


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