Halcyon Tone vol. 1: Reflection

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Halcyon Tone vol. 1: Reflection


Ever heard of a concept album where all the artists are actually made-up? No? Well you’re about to. Duo Halcyon Tone, who both hail from Minneapolis and now live in Tokyo, have put together this slap-bassin album of Minneapolis-influenced funk and disco. You’ll see a bunch of names on here and might be forgiven for thinking more than two people are behind this, but nope! Everything here is produced by the guys of Halcyon Tone (who also go by legitimate aliases Liquid Pegasus and Schmelson).

Ranging from F&S (that’s funk and synth) to italo, this album is a comprehensive snapshot of great sounds from the 70s and 80s. Not only that, the album also comes along with a great remix crew, including Tommy from Girlfriend Records and E-The-Hot. Give it a listen below and be sure to grab it over on Bandcamp!


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