Festivals, Sex (and Suspicious Parents)

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Festivals, Sex (and Suspicious Parents)

BBC’s new show Festivals, Sex and Suspicious Parents has a plot more twisted than a bag of pretzels. Prepare yourself for a painful 60 minutes as this live-stream from hell torments an unsuspecting festival goer and their proud parents. The show allows said parents to spy on the idiotic behaviour of their kids at a festival, who are completely unaware of the fact the target audience is back home in their lounge room.

But surely the kids would be aware of a camera crew following them around all day? Well, the producers cruelly pretend that they are filming the group of friends on their first trip away from their families, hence letting them go wild with giddy independence, only to come to the sad realisation that their parents have been watching them all along. Funnily enough, the parents seem shaken and confused. Serves them right. Who knows what they were expecting to see as their children are given free rein to frolic unnatended at their first festival? The resulting situation of their unchartered levels of naivety has only achieved one thing, and that is put themselves in a terribly awkward situation for dinner tomorrow night.

There is nothing wrong with being a idiot in your youth. There is something wrong with letting people record it.


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