Feeling Down? Canada ‘OKs’ Ecstasy Use For Medical Trials

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Feeling Down? Canada ‘OKs’ Ecstasy Use For Medical Trials

Canada joins the US and UK in pushing clinical trials on the commonly seen-as terror drug ecstasy as they look to the positive effects it has on those suffering with trauma.

Exactly a century after its patent (yep, humans make the stuff) the National Post point outs that the Canadian Government has approved the drugs import from Switzerland – only one of two facilities allowed in the world for use in studies into its unique “euphoria-and-empathy-producing” abilities.

Why exactly ecstasy though? Turns out that it provides “a present, fearless state ” that allows you to be “able to look at those events without being re-traumatized, and healing in the present what was the trauma of the past,” – nifty huh!

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Ingrid Pacey has shown the enthusiasm from the public when it comes to getting high on the government’s time, telling the National Post “I don’t know if we’ll have to wait until the MDMA is actually in our hands, but we’ve got a whole list of people who want to come to do it,” – sign us up.

Even then, she is still skeptical about the process adding “There’s a part of me that still doesn’t quite believe it. When the MDMA arrives from Switzerland … when it finally lands on Canadian soil, then I’ll be certain.”

If the trials do indeed move ahead, this could prove a step forward in the war AGAINST drug prohibition around the world, especially Australia that seems way behind. The reality is, people will take narcotics regardless, so any research into drugs so users know more and have a strong understanding of its effects will be beneficial and help avoid deaths at the hands of adulterated chemicals being sold as ecstasy.

Recent videos of Australian’s under the influence of a little something-something both at this weekend’s Future Music Festival and in Kings Cross during ABC’s look at Sydneys ‘Lock Out’ laws  show that users tend to have a great time.


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