Catching up with Brodinski – Avoiding the ‘EDM’ title, Hip-Hop Beefs and Family

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Catching up with Brodinski – Avoiding the ‘EDM’ title, Hip-Hop Beefs and Family

Bromance Records. Synonymous with techno and a family of talented music producers (including Gesaffelstein, Louisahhh, Malestrom to name a select few) brought together to bring us a brand who’s central focus is the music. Label head and co-founder, Brodinski (Louis Rogé) was on our shores for Future Music Festival Australia 2014 with some select stop offs for his own sideshows in Melbourne and with the Motorik crew in Sydney. The tragic deaths of music patrons in Malaysia preventing him and the entire bill of day three acts from performing at Future Music Asia, he has since continued his touring with appearances in Japan. Brodinski will be in Miami for Miami Music Week where Bromance Records will be hosting one of the first events to kick off. The Bromance Records & Friends party at Grand Central is scheduled for Monday, March 24th with Brodinski headlining along with Ed Banger’s Busy P.
Well known as one of the nicest guys in the industry, Brodinski took some time to answer some questions while travelling around Japan.

The “EDM” scene has exploded in the last few years. Some artists – notably Hardwell – have had some real criticism about the way the industry has developed. What are your thoughts about it?
I will have to use My ‘Joker’ on the First Question. Haha. I don’t consider myself part of the EDM Movement. It’s been more than eight years that I’m a DJ and the electronic music right now is not well represented by this EDM Concept. I’m not close (to) it and never listen to it. I think it’s really embarrassing. I would prefer to talk about timeless music than this new trend that everybody wants to be a part of because it brings fame and money!

What elements of the EDM culture from its European birthplace and the Global explosion it’s now experiencing, would you like to see permanently ingrained?
Nothing is cultural in EDM. It’s all about big shows, celebrity, money, awful music and bad taste. If you are part of the electronic music and dance culture all around the World, or just a proper fan of music, you’ll see that we’ll talk about something else in two years (maybe not, but I hope so). This Subject is already obsolete for me. I’m not even giving a bad review yo it, it’s just not my music and I will NEVER be part of this movement.

Parisians are known for their “arrogance” – as far as I can tell, you’re known for being a seminal “nice guy”. Is it the international exposure that’s chipped away at your air of arrogance or is it simply your love of music that allows you to move past it?

Aha! After the two last Answers to the first questions, this remains arguable! I don’t think French people are more arrogant than others, but I could say that we are still really proud. Being proud doesn’t mean that you can’t be nice. It’s the Way I am. I just enjoy spending my time with my posse all around the world and I love meeting new people, who are sharing the same passion as mine. The internet educates us in so many ways that my family is now all around the planet!

It’s been previously mentioned that you are incredibly close with your family (blood related) back home in France. Your home country has produced some massive and legendary names in dance music. How did they receive the news that you’d be pursuing a career in music? Did they have any idea that it could be as big as what you’ve made it now?
It’s true, I’m really close to my family. It’s the most important thing for me. I think today, as simple as it is, they are really happy for me. Earning enough money to have a good life, travelling all over and having people listening to our music. It’s a lot of work but it(s) definitely worth it!

The Bromance Crew values family, friendship and a common love for music and creating it. It’s no secret you’re a mad hip hop fan. What’s your take on hip hop beefs? Necessary or not?
I think its part of the Hip hop Culture and it’s entertaining at some point. But it’s never been the same in Electronic Music. Before doing this I was already a big fan of (a) certain DJ(s), almost met most of them and they always been nice to me. They have help(ed) me creatively and supported the music, giving objective advice and a proper point of view.
I consider Bromance as a family, work wise and we are all really good friends. “Beef” will never (have) a positive energy for us.

The Australian electronic music scene is experiencing – “a golden age”. What Aussie DJs/producers producers have really caught your attention?
I’m a HUGE fan of the Motorik team! They are our Australian correspondent, playing really good techno, releasing amazing music and organising great parties.

I’m really happy for Australian producers like Flume to have influence over the world now. It’s really surprising to see this kind of music breaking the underground walls, but it reassures me at the same time (without) considering the rise of EDM as a good thing.

Care to share the details of that dream that you had of Rih Rih (Rihanna) a few days ago? If not, describe your dream girl.
Lol. I’m weirdly a big fan of Some of Rih’s work and I think she’s always really well dressed. The Dream Girl will never exist I guess. But the time will let me know.

You don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s a pet peeve of yours. What is the “big” stuff? What can keep you awake at night with worry and anxiety?
Work, music and girls. Haha.

Stereosonic 2012 to Future Music Festival 2014 – what’s the most notable change you see in the audience and how they receive your sets?
The audience was really good in Sydney and Melbourne but it was more difficult for me in the other cities – smaller ones. But I had a good time.

You’re playing Sonar in Barcelona and have played in the US as well (HARD Miami amongst others) and obviously been part of the Australian festival scene. What are your favourite things from each of these very different regions?
Every place is different. But I’m still a big Europe lover. The people know the ‘Rules’. They get the Club Culture since a while now. I really love going to Asia, America and Australia too, It’s always a pleasure and I’m really happy that festivals and clubs are supporting us and promoting our music. It’s some great opportunities for me and the rest of the artists on the label.

The Australian and US festival scene have experienced some serious tragedies with Future Music Asia adding to these occurrences. In a perfect world, where you are president of the world, how would you prevent these occurrences?
It’s really sad to hear about all of this. But that’s always (going) to be the problem as long as drug dealers are (going) to continue selling bad drugs. The prevention doesn’t exist anymore, nowadays it’s just prohibition. I really hope I will never be President of the world one day…

You’ve got an album lined up for sometime this year – how is that progressing? Anything you can divulge to us right now?
Yes it’s true. I am still working on it but I’m already really happy about this project. All I can say about this is that I’m trying to link what I love in Techno and Electronic Music, with my passion for Southern Rap, and hip Hop in general!

To celebrate the success of the first ever Bromance Records Australian tour – with headliners Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom – a handpicked 23-track double disc is now available for consumption. Tracks from Gesaffelstein, Brodinski, Louisahhh, Panteros666 and more! Available digitally through Warner and through the usual outlets Beatport & iTunes and JBHiFi. featuring Louisahhh and Maelstrom ‘Traces’ also available for consumption on the back of the aforementioned tour.


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