Are These Australia’s Most Munted Clubbers?

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Are These Australia’s Most Munted Clubbers?

Munted Duo 1

Last night ABC aired an investigation into the recent Sydney lockout laws and unintentionally may have found Australia’s most munted duo amidst interviews with other club goers and industry types.

The recent lockout laws state that no more punters in certain areas in Sydney can enter clubs after 1:30am and no more alcohol will be served after 3:00am. This doesn’t actually mean clubs have to shutdown post 3am but are just unable to serve alcohol, as worded carefully by another website in Australia.

Even in their state the pair put forward of a decent argument of not being able to continue having fun with friends who were still inside and will be forced to other areas outside of the lockout zones, including the Rick Ross casino whilst chewing off their own faces – a state they’d be unlikely to go punching someone.

Other important issues are brought up about both recent ‘coward punches’ happening before 10:00pm and that potentially an alcohol and drug black market could flourish in these new ripe situations.

A few more shots form the story:

Munted Duo 2
Munted Duo 3

… and the video of course; action kicks off around 23:50 or watch the whole thing here.


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