6 Things We Learned From Skrillexs Reddit AMA

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6 Things We Learned From Skrillexs Reddit AMA

Skrillex has finally joined the wagon of Reddit AMA’s following other dance stars including Flosstradamus, Diplo, Deadmau5, Borgore & Wacka Flocka Flame and Chromeo as well as industry heads such as Beatports CEO to get to the nitty gritty of  his personal life.

The thing ended up pretty long so we cut out out the best bits including the most influential song he’s ever heard, future collaborations, weighing in on the laptop vs CDJ debate (very democratically) and when his project with Diplo as Jack U would get a little more traction.

R: Song that blew your mind the most, first time you heard it?
S: Thats a good one… as far as electronic goes…so hard to pick one… Of course there are my classic influences like Daft, Justice, Aphex, whatever… But man i can remember when i first heard #t=125" target="_blank">FirePower by Wolfgang Gartner.. it FUCKED me up … so good

R: Are there any artists out there that you wish to collaborate with that you haven’t already?
S: Been going back and forth with Bjork over the last couple years… i hung out with her in South America when we doing some festivals together in 2012… But our schedules are always conflicting… hopefully one day!

R: Favorite spot to perform at? Or what city/state/country has the ‘best’ audience?
S: Its a hard one…I think different crowds for different reasons. Anyplace that has Latin, Spanish vibes, like Spain, South/Central america, Mexico tend to be the craziest crowds… People in Japan are pay the most attention to detail… its all differnt.. Norwegian and swedish crowds tends to have the hottest girls.

R: Are you planning to do more shows as JACK U?
S: Dip and I have about 4-5 tracks we’ll be releasing this year… We just have a lot of fun collabing but also have our own careers so its always a challenge scheduling.. I think we may be doing some JakU shows in Ibiza this year….

R: What albums/artists are you currently listening to?
S: There is this artist MOODY GOOD who sent me the unreleased album.. its so fkn incredible, im so jealous of it! So fkn good… but maybe that doesn’t help since it’s not out…

R: What do you like to use in live sets?
Im not against laptops… I had a lot of fun doing my ableton sets.. lots of people though it was a “spacebar” set.. but i was launching clips live.. i really like the effects and beatrepeats… But honestly, I have the most fun on CDjs… they are just raw and i like the feeing of being able to fuck up more… I dunno!

The Reddit AMA comes amidst heavy studio sessions with A$AP Rocky, Chance The Rapper releasing a music video for Dog Blood – his work with Boys Noize, popping up in Jack Beats latest music video, premiering a new song with Ellie Goulding and of course for causing a stroke due to his music.

That new track drops around 36.10


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