What what?! Dave Chapelle crowd surfs at Skrillex’s San Fran show

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What what?! Dave Chapelle crowd surfs at Skrillex’s San Fran show

In what might just be the best thing ever, Dave Chappelle threw caution to the winds last weekend and took to crowd surfing at a Skrillex gig in San Francisco. Taking place at the Independent, the first gig of a series was already tipped to be a cracker with the joining of DJ Craze and Louisahhh!!!, but we’re sure little could have prepared them for this. In an unusual public appearance, the elusive comedian shredded the crowd as Skrillzy was shredding the decks. All of the shredding (as demonstrated by this hectic pre-rage pic tweeted by Atlantic A+R VP Chris Morris);

Freak outs ensued – mores from Skrillzy than anyone, remarking from beyond those dark luscious locks;

Let’s get Dave Chappelle over to the bar, and then back to the stage. Take care of him! This is f**king for the books!

The bromance continued as Skrillzy demanded that Chappelle be given the swag treatment;

Get him a shot of Jaegermeister and then get him safely back – yo that is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life!

Is this the beginning of a beautiful union between the Skrillzy and Chappelle, or just a random act of the EDM gods? We certainly hope the former because these two could hold one hell of a block party!

[via Do Androids Dance]


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