Watch: A Retro Video of A-Trak and Kanye Shoe Shopping

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Watch: A Retro Video of A-Trak and Kanye Shoe Shopping

It’s been a cool 10 years since the release of Kanye Wests “The College Dropout” which should make a lot of you (and us) feel a little bit older than we should. As with most things comes a silver lining in the form of an 8 minute clip of A-Trak and Kanye West shoe shopping, way back when the young DMC champ was Yezzy’s tour DJ.

The clip is actually taken from A-Trak’s 2006 documentary “Sunglasses Is A Must” and kicks off in a most awkward fashion with Alain sitting by a fire, draped in a robe and looking about 10 years old before diving into a handheld camera journey, as the crew board a private geeee-faw (G4 for the non-thugs) and fly all around the States.

Other highlights include a surprising cameo from John Legend (who gets punked later on), Common and a cheeky butt shot courtesy of a young A-trak at 2:36.

Still keeping his curiosity and opinions alive, Alain recently weighed in on those ‘AFTER’ late night DJ rules while also dropping a four track EP ‘Duck Droppings’ as Duck Sauce – ┬áhis collaborative project with Armand Van Heldon.


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