Toronto’s full-cracka mayor blasts a beat on Ableton Push

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Toronto’s full-cracka mayor blasts a beat on Ableton Push



As if we needed another reason to move to Canada (we did, we really did), Toronto mayor Rob Ford  rocked up to an SXSW fundraiser seminar for local producers and smashed out some TUNES.

The controversial figure – who recently admitted to smoking crack and is generally a bit of a loose cannon – decided he would drop by the event hosted by Boi-1Da and show the youths of Toronto how politics can be fun!!!

Following a speedy lesson from local producer Memorecks, Ford put his skills to work by wailing on an Ableton Push controller. The results are truly…abstract.

Memorecks later chatted to the local newspaper of his delight at the improvised talent, “He had some really quick fingers on the beat pads there. Usually when people start off they go really slow, but Rob was just going at it and he had really fast hands. His technical skills impressed me.”


[via FACT]


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