Todd Terje Goes Kevin Bacon 80’s Style on New Single

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Todd Terje Goes Kevin Bacon 80’s Style on New Single

Crazy cool Norwegian bro Todd Terje has put out the first single from his new album eccentrically and somewhat obviously titled ‘It’s Album Time’. (If you say the album name with an enthusiastic ESL Norwegian accent, it’s pretty funny!)

The first single ‘Delorean Dynamite’ shares a lot of similar feels to the 80’s vibe of the Delorean car and Michael J Fox’s movie ‘Back To The Future’.

In true medical prescription instruction style, Terje’s new tune would be best applied to an old school sports montage and comes with the warning that it will probably seduce the oldies into dusting off their fluoro gym gear and go flash dancing down the street Kevin Bacon style but with less flexibility.

Which Norwegian has created the craziest release of late. Cashmere Cat with his ‘Wedding Bells‘ EP or Todd Terje with this?


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