Listening – Shazam Launch the first crowd-sourced, big data record label

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Listening – Shazam Launch the first crowd-sourced, big data record label

In a new partnership with Warner Music Group (WMG) the music-identification app Shazam has launched a new branded label to sign new artists to the WMG family. The global partnership follows their exclusive Chromeo music video premiere and further moves into integrated marketing.

The Shazam label imprint will identify unsigned artists for support and development by combining WMG’s global A&R expertise with Shazam’s proprietary fan activity data. At the same time, the app’s unique promotional channels will empower artists to directly engage with fans who Shazamed them, enabling fans to continue to champion the artist they helped discover.

Every minute of every day, people around the world Shazam over 10,000 songs and the crowd-sourced structure of the venture is – on one side – really exciting for grass-roots acts edging to be recognised. However it runs the risk of becoming inhuman, data-pure management i.e. flash in the pan fads, bought plays etc. will get the spotlight they (don’t) deserve because they have the data to show for it, but hey, that’s the pitfalls of playing with the big boys, and when your data numbers are in the hundreds of millions you run that spectrum.

Here’s a crowd sourced / intergrated marketing chance to do a bit of good, don’t blow it Shazam!


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