Holy Shit. Skrillex May Have Caused a Stroke, and He’s Getting Sued For It

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Holy Shit. Skrillex May Have Caused a Stroke, and He’s Getting Sued For It

skrillex crowd surf

It’s finally happened, Skrillex is being sued over his part in a fans ‘trauma’ and eventual stroke as she aims to recoup loss of income and a few other bits and pieces that occurs when dubstep dude Skrillex lands on ya during a rowdy moshpit at one of his shows.

According to the defendant’s lawyer, his client was struck during a crowd surf by Sonny Moore during his recent show at the Belasco Theatre as shown below. Thankfully for the OWSLA boss, the video captured doesn’t seem to show any obvious signs of distress from the audience post-leap, with the gig being confirmed as the one attended by the defendant. Our guess is she may have eaten a few too many disco treats and her heart had trouble pulping post gig. Doh, maybe take note from Dave Chappelle – pro-crowd surfer as shown at another recent Skrillex show.

Admittedly we don’t actually have any formal education when it comes to law, but we’re thinking this one gets thrown out before it hits the courts, as agreed on by fellow non-lawyers in the comments to the video;

I’m having a real hard time seeing this girl who was supposively injured and result was she suffered a stroke from him landing on her. Looks to me a very clean stage dive. So now musicians famous for stage diving will think twice now because of Sue happy people/fans? I don’t get it…you get what you pay for!

Further proof…

Ya i’ve watched this like 5 times and don’t see shit

To us its actually the venue that might be in hot water for not warning patrons that Sonny would be dripping sweat on their foreheads but hey judge for yourself.. or muse over the fact Skrillex and What So Not may have a two track release coming soon.

While you’re sorting out dem feels, watch a video of Skrillex and A$AP Rocky tearing up San Franciso


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