Give up, pleb: Justin Bieber drops extraordinarily shit tune

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Give up, pleb: Justin Bieber drops extraordinarily shit tune

The Biebz, i.e. one of the biggest wankers on Earth, shared a new tune yesterday via DJ Tay James’ ‘We Know the DJ’ Radio 4 show. He appropriately titled it ‘Broken’, and strikes a defiant note lashing out against unnamed tormentors with the opening line “I guess they want a reaction but I ain’t gonna give it to them,” and in the track’s refrain, “I cannot be broken like I know you were hopin’.” Let’s not discount all the “Ooh’s” and “Awwhhhs” he throws in there either.

If anyone else was to have released this song, the lyrics would read as nothing short of empowering. Instead, it’s just so hard to hear this without recalling his hilarious Instagram post comparing himself to Michael Jackson following his arrest for a DUI and drag racing. It’s a fierce collab with Blake Kelly, and even though he’s adamant that nobody will bring him down, I think he forgets that he may also be facing vandalism charges for egging his neighbour’s house and how his m8 Lil Za was arrested last month on drug possession charges after police searched Bieber’s home for surveillance footage.

Hope there’s no Belieber’s reading this – dare I say his shittest tune to date? At least it’s free, right?


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