Falcon Punch – Smokey [Stoney Premier]

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Falcon Punch – Smokey [Stoney Premier]

Falcon Punch Final

There are some artists that generally shouldn’t be touched by enterprising remixers. Smokey Robinson, king of Motown, would normally fall into that category. However, Boulder-based Balearic boss Falcon Punch (and friend of this blogger) took on Smokey, and the result is…smokey.

Taking Smokey Robinson’s already flawless “Being With You,” extracting the vocals, and adding a subtle bass line into the mix, Falcon Punch turned this one into a Balearic drifter. Flush with a lush vibe, it’s another ace in the hole for the rising disco producer who’s making waves as an old-school edit machine giving new life to old classics.

And he made this subtle yet eloquent tune in a mere day.

When there’s smoke, there’s fire. And this, while more like a 60 mile per hour knuckleball from Tim Wakefield, is a knee bender and a heart jerker to the max:


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