Bravo Chainsmokers #SELFIE is a hit – Is this the worst track for 2014?

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Bravo Chainsmokers #SELFIE is a hit – Is this the worst track for 2014?

Slow clap! Bring it in guys, great job! I mean seriously Chainsmokers, if you’re charting on the Beatport Top 10 the bottles are on me, let’s see those mother fvckin’ sparklers yo! Dim Mak artists Chainsmokers are on the up with their latest effort ‘#Selfie’, sported by a spectacular video of really, really ridiculously good looking people just cutting loose and casting shade on all those basic bitches and creepy dudes drewling in their wake (because got fuck yourself….says so on the t-shirt) but wait, before I continue I just GOT TO take another selfie….


I totally used Valencia BTW (I have to look tan)

Ok, you all know how the rant usually goes when this happens so I won’t go there, but God damn, does it feel like the buck stops at the marketing and the best part is this whole package seems proud of that #ijustwanttohavefun #gofuckyourselfhaterz . Some people just want that sweet cake thrown right in their face, they don’t care what flavour and what it’s made from; that’s the way it is, it’s cake!

Look/listen for our first contender for the Stoney Roads Golden Turd – Worst track of 2014. Take a bow Chainsmokers, you’re leaps ahead for this race. Good Luck!


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