Zedd Fans Unleash Fury At Classixx During Their National Tour Support

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Zedd Fans Unleash Fury At Classixx During Their National Tour Support

Well it could be said that Zedd and Classixx sit in different worlds but are no doubt more talented than your usual dance producers. Zedd has his own string of global hits (ahem “Clarity”) while Classixx have led the resurgence of live gooey nu-diso for years now. What exactly happens when you offer up Classixx as a support for Zedd during a national tour though? A raft of stinging comments from rude gits it seems.

Since their December 30th show in Chicago their manager and the group themselves have been retweeting and favouriting some of the best feedback from the groups performance before Zedd at a few of the shows. Although we’d have to say that at times groups can under perform we’re a little more certain that Zedd fans just don’t get Classixx in any manner with one fan claiming the band to be the “worst dub step/trap/any music” he’d ever heard in his life (spot on buddy).

Few of the best tweets below inlcuding one classy lady politely telling Classixx to never return to Chicago again.

Sadder still is word that the group were actually booed off stage even though many positive tweets were posted.

All we can say is the pair are welcome back to Australia ANYTIME where they share a roster with other legends Flight Facilities, Flume and Panama on Future Classic.

Zedd himself is a nice guy having recently donated a stack of food to those suffering in the Philippines so were going to point the finger at his fans for this one.



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