What Will Be Spawned of the Q-Tip & Disclosure Bromance?

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What Will Be Spawned of the Q-Tip & Disclosure Bromance?

Drama and dismay on the internet today as electronic and hip hop appreciators alike yearn to know what will be the fruits of a studio session with Disclosure and Q Tip, confirmed by a sweet snap on Q Tip’s instagram.

“Studio tonight with these guys.”, was the flirtation offered by the hip-hop legend.

Having been a dominant figure on the hip hop scene for a while now, Tip is rumoured to be pumping out Kanye West’s next musical offering with Rick Rubin, and has recently smashed out a mixtape with the one and only Busta Rhymes. With a TV project with Leo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill also on the way, Q Tip may have a finger in every pie, and why (oh why) leave electronic music out?

We’re damn interested to see what the Lawrence brothers, a pair who always froth for the cheeky collab, will come up with. If we correctly remember the Nile Rogers/Jimmy Naples/Sam Smith/Disclosure sexy times track (pretty sure panties of the world dropped upon its release – see video below), the spawn of the studio time has some seriously high expectations from us.


(via Do Androids Dance)


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