Skrillex, ASAP Rocky and What So Not Head to the Studio in Australia

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Skrillex, ASAP Rocky and What So Not Head to the Studio in Australia

Skrillex has jumped into the studio with Australian producer Emoh Instead of What So Not  along with ASAP Rocky following his session with boy wonder Flume only a few days prior.

The artists have found themselves down-under following individual headline slots at brilliant summer Fuzzy events Shore Thing at Bondi Beach on New Years Eve and Field Day on the 1st of January with what seems like a bit of spare time on their hands.

According to sources the trio headed to the always equipped Studios 301 where the guys hung out and chatted, although Sonny and Emoh were said to have begun working on a new track together.

It may seem a strange sight but this isn’t the first time Sonny and ASAP Rocky have crossed paths after releasing the ultimately large banger “Wild For The Night” earlier in the year. Emoh and Sonnys story reads out a little clearer with his What So Not work with Flume finding a release on his OWSLA label – and with Skrillex hitting the studio with Flume only days before the meet up it was bound to happen.

We just hope ASAP Rocky was in high spirits following a fans fall from some seriously high scaffolding at his Origins NYE show in Perth while Skrillex isn’t too gassed out from on-going collaborations with Boys Noize as Dog Blood¬†and that random encounter with Fatman Scoop and Kill The Noise.

Can’t wait to see the results and feel like the current support and popularity for Emoh Instead/What So Not is all too deserved.


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