‘Fade Up’ Round Up: Australian Producers on the Rise – Hatch & Paces

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‘Fade Up’ Round Up: Australian Producers on the Rise – Hatch & Paces

Australia’s dance music scene is thriving beyond belief right right now, so it’s easy to miss the country’s most exciting new producers that are just starting to poke their heads out of the ground. It’s all good though, FBi Radio’s Sandro Dallarmi has got you covered.

Every week, he plucks out one of these head-pokers and features them in his mixtape/interview series, Fade Up. He’ll keep you updated on Stoney Roads fortnightly.




Straight out of Sydney comes Hatch, a skilled producer and musician who’s not afraid to completely switch up his sound when a good idea sparks his creativity. In a similar story to Perth production duo Slumberjack, Hatch originally made aggressive bass music under a different moniker before switching to a more melodic, subtle sound. “I still enjoy listening to and producing those styles however I felt I needed to differentiate my musical tastes into a separate project” said Hatch of his previous moniker, Pop The Hatch, in his Fade Up interview. ” The word ‘Hatch’ represents the birth of new life, so I felt artistically that this was a suitable name to use. To me it represents the rebirth of my sound, and I felt it worked really well as it was already part of my name so I dropped the ‘Pop The’ and it became ‘Hatch’ haha”.

Hatch’s more experimental side shines in his collaborative Strange Fruit EP with fellow Sydney producer Present Jackson, but my personal favourite of his post-Pop transformation is his flip of Duke Dumont’s breakout track ‘Need U (100%)’. The remix (or ‘ReHATCH’ – how bloody cute is that) manages to sound super lush despite its relatively bare bones production.

Oh and while you’re devouring things with your ears, give your eyes a feast too; Hatch made a pretty excellent video of " target="_blank">his cover of ‘Sundream’ by RÜFÜS. In his own words, “I set up some cameras around my studio capturing myself laying down the parts. I wanted to edit the footage in a way that people could understand all the different layers which come together to make something unique”. It certainly is unusual.





If you’re an Australian human with ears, then you’ve probably heard of Surecut Kids. Well it turns out that Paces is one half of the Gold-Coast-based production duo, and this is more than just a half-arsed side project. While the Surecut Kids ethos seems to revolve around filling every gap and crevice of a song with party-starting noise, the stuff from Paces leaves plenty of room for groove and unexpected surprises. The man himself put it best in his Fade Up interview – “it’s danceable but you don’t have to hit them over the head with it, you know?”

Despite the carefree nature of his music, the first tunes that Mikey Perry made as Paces came from a pretty emotional place. “A few years ago I used to be in a long distance relationship and we used to write letters to each other and send them in the post. I wrote her an album as a way to deal with being apart and sent it to her”. What. A. Dude.

Unfortunately the two aren’t together anymore, but it’s not all bad according to Paces: “the process of writing it was definitely the starting point for what I do now. I think I wrote a song every day for a month or so and then picked eleven. By the end of it I had developed the beginnings of my sound, so I’m glad I did it”. Oh and the big fat cherry on top? “A while later I met the love of my life and am now madly involved (to quote Frank Ocean)”. Paces, you are doing life correctly.



Each week’s Fade Up mixtape premieres on Sandro Dallarmi’s dance music show on FBi Radio, The Mixing Bowl. You can tune in from midnight to 3am every Saturday night.


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