Did Katy Perry Rip Off a Brisbane Producer?

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Did Katy Perry Rip Off a Brisbane Producer?

Brisbanes DJ Butcher is fuming at the prospect that countless elements of his original production “Gold” was the basis for Katy Perry’s number one hit in Australia “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J, with the former released a whole 3 months earlier.

On the surface of things it’s easy to draw comparisons to the sonic nature of the track be its chord selection, melody and progression but beneath is a grey area of things being close, but not quite the same as intentionally perfected by those who ‘produced’ Katy’s track.

Those credited as producers/writers on the Wikipedia page for “Dark Horse” include Dr Luke, a songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentatlist and remixer among things, whose career began as a lead guitarist for cult comedy show Saturday Night Live way back in 1997. Since then he’s actually been named recently as someone potentially behind the shady act of re-writing/re-tweaking music found on the popular Soundcloud platform with low thousands of plays and re-writing them and selling them to big shot artists such as Katy Perry, as quoted by industry sources in the states.

It’s strange to think this may be the case for someone who’s work has led to over thirty number one’s since 2004 that includes previous Katy Perry work, Mily Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” and many more. So why the possible dodgy act of lifting other peoples work? Beats us.

There is a chance for DJ Butcher’s team to work at pushing Katy Perry’s camp to offer up a settlement, especially since the publisher of “Gold” shared the track post release with overseas counterparts which may have led to the current situation but still… a long way off for legal justice for the typical little guys.

We hope all the best for DJ Butcher in his case! Have a listen to the two tunes below – 1:36 on Butchers tune and 0:30 on Katys for the most recognisable bits.


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