Chromeo Premieres New Music Video via Shazam in a World First

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Chromeo Premieres New Music Video via Shazam in a World First

In a world first Funk Lordz Chromeo have premiered the video for their latest single ‘Come Alive’ (feat. Toro Y Moi) on music-identification ap Shazam. Before hitting the road to promote their upcoming album ‘Over Your Shoulder’ the duo have bypassed traditional platforms such as YouTube, Vevo & MTV for the debut but don’t fret the video will be available across the board soon.

“New technology is an intrinsic part of our identity, as a band. We gained notoriety through music blogs and now live on music-streaming platforms. Now who doesn’t use Shazam every day? It’s a honor for us to be the first act to premiere a music video using their service.” – Dave 1 speaking to Mashable

While the first of it’s kind for the ap it definitely won’t be the last as the service is looking to expand into more ‘unlocking’ functions exclusively sharing new content from new and popular artists. Will Mills, Shazam’s vice president of music and content is looking forward to the opportunities on the horizon “Shazam has one of the largest music audiences globally and as such is a natural place for artists to debut songs, videos or other content, there will be many more of these in the future, especially via our news feed in Shazam.”

So, open your Shazam and point it to the tune below –

Source – Mashable 


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