Awesome Japanese Chick Rocks the Techno With Cat

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Awesome Japanese Chick Rocks the Techno With Cat

Here at Stoney’s, there’s little we enjoy more than seeing cultures unite over music. Especially when it’s a result of unity, and creates a union of beats.

So it was, that today our pickle is being ticked by an awesome display of techno-ship from a Japanese woman named Toromi stated to be pursuing ‘bridal practice’ (one of the more unusual YouTube descriptions, but indicative of the most awesome wedding-rave ever) by taking to the synth and busting some techno for the delight of the internets.

Rocking out the acid house in her pink kimono, the bride-to-be puts twerking and the like to shame – instead bewitching us with the classic smile n’ nod whilst she constructs and deconstructs layers of beats.

Although many are quick to point out that this would not be too hard a composition to create, we’re of the opinion that the more peeps rocking the techno with this much style, the better. Indeed Toromi brings a sense of honour to house music in her smooth interactions with some serious synth and even more impressively rocks out with her cat at 3.07.

Love across the airways for all things techno.


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