Adam Beyer – Selected Drumcode Works 96-00 [Drumcode]

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Adam Beyer – Selected Drumcode Works 96-00 [Drumcode]

Adam Beyer’s Drumcode is undoubtedly one of, if not the best label for the most pulsing peak-time techno tunes to grace the globe right now. This year it’s already released Alan Fitzpatrick’s ‘The Tetra‘, while last year they released Joseph Capriati’s album¬†and EPs from Kaiserdisco, Sam Paganini, Paul Ritch and more. But in the beginning of Beyer’s imprint’s reign, there were a few raw techno cuts that laid the foundations for future outputs, and according to the press release, getting those vintage tracks remastered set the underpinnings that catapulted him to where he is today. ‘Selected Drumcode Works 96-00’ is exactly that: a compilation of some of the Swede’s most influential bits from 1996 to 2000, all of which are now available to own. Check out one cut below and head to Beatport to buy it – highest recommendations for techno fans.

01. Drumcode 01 A1 (5:31)
02. Compressed A1 (4:41)
03. Compressed B1 (5:08)
04. Tasty Bits A1 (3:44)
05. Tasty Bits B1 (5:30)
06. Tasty Bits D1 (4:47)
07. Nutcrusch B1 (5:09)
08. Drumcode 09 A1 (4:10)
09. Drumcode 09 A2 (5:00)
10. Drumcode 09 B1 (5:32)
11. Crispy Bits A2 (4:38)
12. Drumcode 13 A2 (5:39)
13. Crescendo B1 (4:39)
14. Split EP A1 (4:04)
15. Drumcode 16 A1 (4:41)
16. Short Life B2 (4:40)
17. Remainings III A1 (5:38)
18. Remainings III B1 (6:01)
19. Remainings III C1 (5:59)
20. Remainings III D1 (5:34)
21. Remainings III D2 (5:55)


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