Recognise Him? ‘The Video Bro’ Stars in all your Favourite Dance Clips

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Recognise Him? ‘The Video Bro’ Stars in all your Favourite Dance Clips

Everyone’s favourite badass from Calvin Harris’ “Bounce” may look familiar to a bunch of  male protagonists in other pop-dance music video clips over the years – that’s because it’s probably  the same dude!

Dubbing himself “The Video Bro”, model AJ English features in video clips from a host of dance and pop stars with his mug appearing in Zedd’s “Clarity”, Calvin Harris’ “Bounce”, Uffies “Pop The Glock”, Mstrkrfts “Heartbreaker”, Katy Perrys “Teenage Dream” and more. His role in these clips typically involves acting out a slick persona with a laid-back attitude, he always seems to be the coolest dude chasing after – or running away from – the leader vocalist or some other girl. This trend is seen countless times throughout each clip he features in.

Is this the guy the industry wants male viewers to strive to be or is it their idea of an ideal male to attract female listeners or something else all together?

Either way, The Video Bro’s agent is some kind of genius to be landing him all these gigs, as English explains – “All the random videos I’ve appeared in somehow..” hint hint, damn fine work from his agent.

Below is a compiled playlist of all videos staring ‘The Video Bro’. Now that you know, you won’t stop recognising him in previous and upcoming clips for dance tracks. Can you spot him in all of them?


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