Grimes signs with Roc Nation; Jay Z has party in pants

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Grimes signs with Roc Nation; Jay Z has party in pants

Joining the likes of Rhianna, HAIM, MIA and the always-locomotive Kylie Minogue, Grimes (mortal name, Clair Boucher) has signed with Jay Z’s record label Roc Nation.

Posting on her Tumblr (the creative cat’s preferred media) yesterday, Grimes chucked up a picture of herself toting the signature Roc diamond with caption ‘I’ve joined the X Men’. Baller.


The experimental lady has been dominating through this year, after the release of her third album ‘Visions’ which presented a tray of strange musical delicacies ripe for the listenin’. With standout hits like ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Infinite Love Without Fulfilment’, we can only dream of the fruits of 2014’s upcoming album offering.

With only slight trepidation that Jay Z will intercept Grimes’ tracks with some gangsta beats (maintain the wonder, y’all), we can’t see this as anything but an unprecedentedly awesome partnership. As an artist which always manages to surprise and delight (just check out her awesome backstage rider), we’re pretty stoked for the G-dogz and we eagerly await what’s next.

[via Oyster]


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