‘Fade Up’ Round Up: Australian Producers On The Rise – Tink & Sweetland

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‘Fade Up’ Round Up: Australian Producers On The Rise – Tink & Sweetland

Australia’s dance music scene is thriving beyond belief right right now, so it’s easy to miss the country’s most exciting new producers that are just starting to poke their heads out of the ground. It’s all good though, FBi Radio’s Sandro Dallarmi has got you covered.

Every week, he plucks out one of these head-pokers and features them in his mixtape/interview series, Fade Up. He’ll keep you updated on Stoney Roads fortnightly.



Despite Adelaide’s reputation as a fairly subdued town, Tink is unafraid to rouse the place with a heavy dose of bass. She started out DJing after being inspired by The Bloody Beetroots’ video for ‘Cornelius’, and before too long she found herself spinning tunes in the very nightclub which that video was filmed – Adelaide’s own Electric Circus. Tink told FBi Radio that the club is her “true home”, but also concedes that finding a platform like Circus was not easy. “I can say I’m really lucky but I also did work for it, it’s difficult being a female DJ due to the stigma attached. You have to really prove that you have skills and that you aren’t hired just for your appearance”. And prove it she has – not only with her skills as a DJ, but as a producer too.

Over the last year, Tink has slowly been populating her Soundcloud page with original production rather than mixes and bootlegs, and it’s damn good stuff. We can only hope that Diplo gets his hands on ‘HUNIDN1’ immediately. It’s so Mad Decent that it hurts. The other two original tracks on her Soundcloud find themselves in completely different zones, with ‘Places’ focusing more on the melodic end of bass music, and ‘For The Lovers’ being a pretty self-explanatory slow-jam.

Keep an eye on Adelaide’s resident bounce-bringer, Tink. It won’t be long before she’s ready for a bigger stage.




Sweetland calls Melbourne home, but he’s not a fan of the obnoxious sound that his city is most commonly aligned with. He told FBi Radio “it’s pretty rough down here to say the least, as the majority of the clubs in Melbourne all play the ‘Melbourne sound’. I want to try and do my part to bring out a new house culture in Melbourne so that in the future we’re known and respected for something better”. Sweetland is only just starting up, but his fledgling musical output shows the potential to alter his city’s dance music culture.

It’s not just me who thinks that his music is good, either. A producer by the name of Nick James went as far as stealing some of Sweetland’s tunes and selling them on Beatport as his own work! Thankfully, James was dropped from his label when the situation was exposed, and all profits from sales came back to Sweetland.

The whole ordeal didn’t phase Sweetland one bit though; he’ll be performing at The Standard in Sydney in just a few weeks. Thursday 9th January is the exact date, with Nicole Millar headlining the night. Also playing are promising young Australian producers JaysWays and ISLND, so you should probably buy yourself a ticket if you’ve got a spare ten bucks lying around.



Each week’s Fade Up mixtape premieres on Sandro Dallarmi’s dance music show on FBi Radio, The Mixing Bowl. You can tune in from midnight to 3am every Saturday night.


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