Disclosure – When A Fire Starts to Burn (OSAGE Re-Fire)

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Disclosure – When A Fire Starts to Burn (OSAGE Re-Fire)

Hailing from Philadelphia and aiming to making a good rework of one of the biggest tunes this year, OSAGE shows he is definitely up to the task. Notice I said “rework”. OSAGE re-did the entire track here, right down to recording new vocals.

Shifting the tune over to a clubbier house tone, OSAGE still latches on to the energy of the original. With a whole new soundscape, this version is sure to be a hit with Disclosure fans and others alike. A deep house groove with a 2-step cap on, OSAGE’s use of gritty synths and a slightly darker atmosphere breathes new, fiery life into this jam.

Check the stream and free download below.


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