New Tech Paving the Way to A Fairer Distribution of Royalties – DJ Monitor & Kuvo

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New Tech Paving the Way to A Fairer Distribution of Royalties – DJ Monitor & Kuvo

Earlier in the month Stoney Roads put up a feature covering the little black box that could be the solution to Australia’s Royalty problems amongst the national club scene – the Pioneer NXS-GW. The device AKA Kuvo collects music information directly from the DJ decks of what’s being played in clubs – and can display the name of the tracks being played via the Kuvo smartphone app in real time. Apart from the social networking possibilities and keeping clubbers up-to-date with the tunes being played by their favourite DJs or at their favourite venues, the potential of this sort of technology for collecting societies such as APRA, is enormous.

APRA | AMOCS – the Australian Performing Rights Association & The Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society has been actively engaged with the club music community over the past 12 months. Part of this process has been to form an advisory group consisting of dance music experts: electronic/club music writers, DJs, publishers etc. Coming together as the Club Music Advisory Group (CMAG) their role is to help APRA|AMCOS to improve its distribution practices related to club music. As part of this development, APRA|AMCOS has been exploring the different methods of music use data collection, and in addition to metadata solutions such as Kuvo, has also invested in Music Recognition Technology (MRT) via Dutch company DJ MonitorDJ Monitor works in the same way as Shazam, MusicID or SoundHound – listening to what’s being played and then trying to match the music against a massive repertoire of digital fingerprints.

Over the last twelve months APRA|AMCOS has installed the DJ Monitor MRT devices in 20 independently selected clubs around the nation to provide “a more equitable and accurate distribution of royalties.” In conjunction with CMAG, APRA|AMCOS has also developed an ongoing strategy to respond to member concerns about how club music royalties will be distributed. At this stage they are pleased to announce that APRA members can now upload their tracks to DJ Monitor – announced in the press release below – to ensure fingerprints are generated – and matches made – if an APRA member’s music is played at a DJ Monitor venue.

The DJ monitor data will be included, along with ARIA Club Chart information and selected broadcast logs, to collate the overall revenue pool for dance music.  To ensure dance works are identified as accurately as possible, APRA AMCOS in consultation with the Club Music Advisory group, is pleased to advise members the DJ Monitor Uploader is ready for use. 

Members can upload their tracks via the DJ Monitor site

We look forward to providing a more accurate means of data collection through the integration of music recognition technology within our distribution practices.

Cheers to a better represented data pool and allocation of royalties for both established but more importantly up and coming local artists. If you’re not already an APRA member we strongly recommend you register!


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