TCTS – These Heights [Greco-Roman]

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TCTS – These Heights [Greco-Roman]

As proven by recent releases from Roosevelt and Tirzah, veteran label Greco-Roman is certainly keen to corner the market in emotive, vocal-based dance music that deftly incorporates off-center sonic touches and pure pop instincts. Shown here with the tipped debut from Manchester’s Sam O’Neill aka TCTS, the big tune ‘These Heights’ employs a pretty-boy indie vocal on a throwback ’90s house groove, while ‘Over’ and ‘Lose Control’ are cooler, laidback house movers for the shufflers, sprinkled with tidy melodies and sweet female vocals. Tail-end, ‘Do It Again’ employs that UK garage synth with high-pitched computerised vocals.

Awesome release – buy it from Surus.


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