Sky Ferreira Clears up that Ecstasy Arrest, Wants to Work with Daft Punk and Air

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Sky Ferreira Clears up that Ecstasy Arrest, Wants to Work with Daft Punk and Air

Sky Ferreira clears up on that ecstasy arrest and shares dreams of working with AIR or Daft Punk on her next record.

The electronic-pop darling earned herself a criminal record mid-september when she was booked for possession of ecstasy, not as bad as her boyfriend from band DIIV who was found with 42 decks of heroin. Although their relative low status in the world of music the story got a decent write up that pushed Sky to point out the double standards of the famous and… not so famous as well as how her gender played a role in the story in a recent Rolling Stone interview.

“I’ve noticed — and I’m not saying Cole should get shit — but just because I’m the girl, I’m the face of this story. It’s way more scandalous to have a girl with drugs than a guy in a band with drugs. It’s the double standard. If a girl has a breakdown or if the black guy has a blog post, it’s a rant. Someone like Billy Corgan can write a whole entire thing and people are like ‘Oh it’s just a blog post’ and Kanye does it and it’s a rant.”

The worst part? She was painted as a heroin user to help push the story which she countered.

“When I say I don’t do heroin people say I’m being defensive when I’m just being honest. I would’ve gone to rehab by now, I would’ve released a statement that was like, “I’m so sorry it wasn’t mine I was just in the car.” Sorry people! People are pissed about the ecstasy, but that’s not what they’re writing about. Everyone wants heroin. Because the truth is, they probably all do ecstasy, but they’re all high and holy. Other people have given me shit about it, and I’m like, “it’s on the radio!” Like every song is a song about molly. That’s life. I’m not saying that people should do ecstasy, but at least it’s a happy drug.”

Ecstasy has hit the headlines more recently for it’s association with a number of deaths at festivals and shows which has in turn created a push for more education from state and federal governments who hold a fierce stance on a ‘no’ policy that obviously isn’t working.

With artists such as Sky in the spotlight for possession shows a lot of different types use the drug and it’s not just the sheep like masses at ‘EDM’ festivals.

A twist in the interview was a suggestion of moving towards a ‘French Sound’ with the young singer already making inroads and chatting with seminal noise artist AIR about her next record. It doesn’t stop there though with a chance meeting with Daft Punks Guy-Manuel – happens every day right?

“I was talking to people like Air and stuff before so I’d really love to work with them. I really hope I can make a record with Daft Punk. I met Guy-Manuel and we like a lot of the same stuff and I feel like I could learn a lot from him,”

All in all we look forward to her follow up “Night Time My Time” sometime next year.

source: FACT


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