Reflections on a Revolution: Here’s What You Missed

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Reflections on a Revolution: Here’s What You Missed

Last week, the music event of a generation went down, then around, then up, then down again. In a follow up to our excited apprehension of the event, the Red Bull Revolutions in Sound took place in the London Eye last week, to the delight of music lovers the world over.

Part of the Red Bull Music Academy, the epic party featured iconic UK clubs take over pods of the London Eye in a live-streamed musical bonanza leading. Apart from shooting is into stratospheric awe at the physical scale of the event and the event more stratospheric culture that is Red Bull, we have now consider in all of our marketing undertakings, WWRBD (what would Red Bull do?).

The wheel of fortune – ay? ay? – was hosted by BBC’s Annie Mac (lucky biznitch), and featured a plethora of familiar faces including Skream, Richie Hawtin, Erol Alkan, Rudimental,  Dusky and naturally, UK ‘Sweetheart’ Lily Allen (can ya dig it?) amongst many others – all in all over 100 DJs and MCs doing the rounds.

Down below back on earth, 2000 club goers partied to a silent disco as music history was made ahead – we overstate not, the event is in the running to hit a world record for most live streaming from one event (with the 30 pods separately streaming beating the previous figure of 26 live streams for the 2012 Olympics – suck it sports!).

Many producers were outspoken regarding the event, Richie Hawtin gave his standard eloquently articulate response,

‘Dance music culture and technology are pretty synonymous for me.  How I’ve performed and made music has always been informed by the technology available. More and more its opening up the club experience – via social media or, like at Red Bull Revolutions in Sound, via live streams people can log onto from anywhere. But with all the technological revolutions, fundamentally the relationship of a performer sharing musical ideas with his audience hasn’t changed.  What the new technologies allow is for that experience to be more creative and accessible.’

Good on you R-dog. Meanwhile Erol Alkan may have had a little pee-pants over his fear of heights;

But it’s good to know some were not ashamed of the nervous wee – as shown by the master that is Skream, who proudly took a wizzy-waz in a bag before presenting it ‘Simba-style’ to viewers of the world.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 2.56.51 PM_vice_670

Whilst it might not have been the circle of life, the Revolutions in Sound had all the makings of a night to remember, and definitely delivered. With the record breaking capacities of the event, we wonder what’s next from the fine people at Red Bull in music innovation and delivery. We’d say the sky’s the limit but fuck, they left that doosie of a restriction long ago.

Viva la Revolution!

See below for some more stellar photos of the event, along with the video by Red Bull.


Photos, vídeos vía Thump & Red Bull



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